What - Welcome to Football Transfer League, bringing you statistics for football transfers and rumours from the UK press and football rumour websites. At Football Transfer League we collect the transfers and football rumours that the press and the rumour sites produce and distill them in order to extract interesting statistics.

  • • How accurate are the rumours the newspapers and football rumour websites produce?
  • • Which players are the most rumoured?
  • • Which clubs are making the most transfers?
  • • What are the latest rumours and transfers?
  • • User rated rumours. How do you rate the transfer rumours produced by the different football rumour sources?
  • • The accuracy of the football rumour sources, for each specific club.
  • • Specific rumour source pages showing how they rate for each premiership football club.

Why - Football transfer rumours, love them or loathe them? Its always great to hear rumours of great players possibly signing for your club or perhaps ones you dont like leaving. But then so many of these rumours are absolute rubbish, just made up to fill the back pages of the papers! Here at FTL we thought that we might be able to show stats about all these rumours, to show popular players and clubs and maybe even workout which papers do spout the most crap!

How - We keep an eye on the main football sites, the newspapers sports sections and rumour roundup sites. This gives rise to the following items:-

  • We do occasionally miss rumours (websites get updated after we check them), so these stats are obviously not 100% perfect.
  • Sometimes rumours dont have a clear source. In this case we do not record the rumour.
  • The papers focus mainly on 'big money' transfers. So there is a lack of lower league transfer activity.
  • Not all rumours suggest a transfer fee, so not all rumours have an amount associated.
  • We do not record gossip of transfers 'not happening' eg. 'so and so denies links to football club x'.

All of this of course isnt very scientific, but hey the site is for fun! Well hopefully that clears up how we get and treat the rumour information.

We will be looking to expand the site further as soon as we get a chance, already on the cards are further papers stats to see which papers are getting the rumour scoops and which are making stuff up! Drop us a line if you have any comments or suggestions, get in touch with us at FTL here