Seven clubs who could afford Neymar

If you haven't seen the rumours coming out of PSG recently, you might be unaware that it looks likely Neymar could move on in the next window. He's already been becoming more frustrated in Paris and might want a chance to win more European trophies. Having already been part of one of the biggest transfers in history when he moved from Barcelona, he might be part of the next one soon enough.

But who could actually afford to buy Neymar from PSG? After all, they aren't really short of cash and don't need to sell. He'll not only cost a lot to buy, but also a huge amount in wages. Still thinking about your bets for next season on some of these teams but confused where to bet? You can read some reviews on to choose the best bookies. BTW, there’s a 3/1 on PSG to win the Champions League this season.

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid are one of, if not the richest club in the world. They've always got the money for big transfers. Could Neymar be next? They spent big on Hazard but this hasn't been a complete success. They kind of need someone new to build the club around after the hole left from Ronaldo's departure. Could Neymar fill it? It won't be cheap, but Madrid can afford it.


It would be surprising if Neymar moved back to Barcelona after he left to do his own thing in Paris. But there have actually been a few rumours suggesting it might happen. They're a club who can afford it, and with Messi getting older, they might be looking for another superstar who can be central to the side over the next few years.

Man Utd

Man Utd are another of the richest clubs in the world, and they look set to lose their most expensive player Pogba soon. They can afford Neymar, but this transfer looks unlikely. It remains to be seen whether they would want to spend this sort of money on this sort of player, or whether Neymar would even want to move there.

Man City

Man City are one of the richest clubs in the world, but there are a few issues that might make a Neymar transfer unlikely for them. Firstly, he might not be the sort of player Guardiola wants in the side. Secondly, they might be facing a ban from the Champions League so he might not want to go there.


Chelsea haven't been spending as much recently and they currently can't buy any players, but this ban is soon to be lifted. Maybe they'll want to spend big again on Neymar? This might not happen either.


Liverpool have become one of the biggest and best sides in Europe under Klopp. They might need another big player moving forward, but Neymar's partner at PSG, MBappe, looks more likely. Again, Neymar might not be the sort of player that Klopp wants.


The richest club in Italy are Juventus, but are they rich enough for Neymar? They already spent big on Ronaldo and it looks unlikely we'll see both those players lining up for the same club side.

Other than these sides, let's not forget those in the Chinese Super League. There are plenty of teams there that have been making big money moves recently. Could Neymar end up in China instead of one of the more traditional European big clubs? Who do you think Neymar might move to in the next transfer window? Maybe he'll surprise everyone and stay at PSG.