Transfer Betting - A Definitive Guide

2019 was another busy year on the transfer market. With the total spent by Premier League clubs last summer a whopping £1.41 billion (just below 2017’s record of £1.43 billion). This included the world record £80 million fee for a defender paid by Manchester United for Harry Maguire. However, as we know, before almost any transfer becomes a reality, it begins as a rumour.

These rumours do not just fuel pundits, journalists and us as fans. They provide an opportunity for people to place bets and potentially win big with bookmakers.

What is Transfer Betting?

Put very simply, transfer betting allows you to place a bet on a certain player or manager moving clubs.

What can you bet on?

Bookmakers offer a wide variety of different options when it comes to transfer betting.

The simplest kind of transfer bets you can place are on whether a player will make a move in the next transfer window or not. Because of the basic nature of this kind of bet “a yes or no”, the odds are usually pretty low. Especially if the player concerned has a contract that is expiring soon, the amount of interest in the player is high or the player is very loyal to their club.

Better odds can be found when choosing a players next team. In this kind of bet bookmakers will usually provide a list of clubs they believe a player may join. This list is normally made up of clubs rumoured to be interested in the player or who the player could realistically join. The strength of information dictating the odds.

As a spin on the last option some bookmakers will also offer odds on the next player to sign for a club. As well as a calculated bet at busy times such as deadline day this can also be a fun wager, especially if it concerns your own club.

As with players there is also great speculation when it comes to managers, with many similar options available.

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Before Placing a Bet

The first thing you need before placing a bet is information. Therefore, keeping up to date with the news is probably the best thing that you can do, especially during busy times such as deadline day when the direction of a player can change very quickly.

There are many rumours, some of which are much more accurate than others. For this reason it is important to check the sources of this information. On our site you can see that rumours from some newspapers and clubs are much accurate than others.

It is worth noting that many rumours are started by agents. Rumours started in this way can have two different objectives. An agent may be indicating that their player is unsettled and looking for a new club, or they could be looking to build interest in their player with the sole aim to gain them a better contract at their current club. So do not take these kinds of reports as gospel, and look for other sources that back up or deny this.

Find your bookmaker

After verifying and double checking your sources it is now time to find sites for football transfer betting, to place your bet. Even though transfer betting is a growing trend, some bookmakers offer more options than others. Therefore, it is not just a case of finding the best odds, but of finding which bookmakers have the options that you are looking for.