Who could Man City lose after Champions League ban.

Man City are currently facing a Champions League ban due to breaking UEFA rules on spending? This could have a huge impact on a number of things for the club. Most notably, will they be able to keep hold of their best players? If a few years of no Champions League football, some of their top talent might want to move away. This could have a massive impact on how they perform in the league, although some people think that without the distraction of the Champions League they could actually put more attention back onto winning the EPL next season.

It will also affect who they can bring in as replacements. City haven't struggled with recruitment over the years, so this could impact the quality of their playing staff. Remember that City are still at 2.25 odds on to win the EPL next season, so check some bookmakers reviews out at efirbet.com/en/ if you plan to bet in EPL or any other game.

Man City are currently appealing this ban and think that they haven't done anything wrong, so it isn't certain they won't be in the Champions League next year. But it could happen. And if it does, who could they lose?

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne has been arguably the best player in the league this season, and clearly Man City's most important player. He provides more assists than anyone else, and has a lot more to his game than just that. At this stage in his career, he might want to be central to a team who has a chance to win the Champions League. So that means he might want to move on.

Kevin de Bruyne (36243870980)

Sergio Aguero

Not only has Sergio Aguero not got as long left as a top player as he is advancing in years, he's also had been in and out of the team recently. Might he want to try and win the Champions League while he still has the chance? Will Guardiola really be that sad to lose him? These questions remain to be answered.

Phil Foden

Phil Foden is a difficult situation to evaluate. Firstly, he's arguably one of the best young players in the league right now. But he's also not getting enough first team time at City. Especially if he wants to break into the England team. Maybe he'll see this as an opportunity as he'll get more time if some big names leave? Or perhaps he'll want to move on like Jadon Sancho who has seen big improvements in his career after leaving City for Dortmund a couple of years ago.

Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane has been out of favour under Pep Guardiola and was looking likely to move to Bayern before he suffered an injury early in the season. Could this transfer be back on soon?

Raheem Sterling

This would be a huge transfer, and City won't want to lose someone Guardiola sees as integral. However, his form has dipped recently and there has been talk of him moving to Real Madrid amongst other clubs. He's another who might want to play regular Champions League football. Could now be the time for a sensational big-money transfer?


Of course, the one man that Man City will REALLY be hoping they don't lose is manager Pepe Guardiola? He doesn't seem to stay at any one club for long periods and this could be the time he chooses to move on if he can't try and win the Champions League for them. This would be potentially a bigger loss to City than any one player.