What Can Arsenal Do to Improve This Season?

It hasn’t been the greatest of starts for Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal this season. This seems to be a case of bad habits picked up last year reoccurring. Sure, they had a convincing 6 – 0 cup win, but given this was against a much moved around West Brom side, the win doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Their league experience so far has brought with it much less good news as after their first three games they find themselves at the bottom of the table, having played three, won none, drawn none and with a minus nine goal difference.

If you are a betting man who frequently visits sites such as Choice Casino, which provides you with the best UK online casino, even you probably wouldn’t have thought that a 5 – 0 loss to Manchester City was on the cards. There obviously needs to be some changes made to the team, but in what form do these come? They will need to alter some positions in order to provide the team with better stability all around. Here are some of the top positions that Arsenal need to improve on in order to secure a better standing in the league moving forward.


Allowing Emiliano Martinez to leave for Aston Villa last season is one of many decisions made by Arteta that now looks incredibly questionable. Though Bernd Leno has not been a disaster, and a lot of the goals conceded could well be put down to a poor defence as opposed to the goalkeeper’s fault, Martinez is excelling and is very much a missing piece in the current Arsenal team.

End of window update:- Aaron Ramsdale has been brought in to compete with Leno, for £25million.


Though their previous left-back, Kieran Tierney, isn’t a half bad call and seems to play well when he takes to the field, there is no doubt that there needs to be changes here given how little he seems to play. In the previous season he missed 28 games, leaving Arsenal scrambling (and failing) to refill the position of left-back.

The role was filled by the likes of Granit Xhaka and Cedric Soares, as well as Bukayo Saka; however, none of these substitutions worked. Both Xhaka and Soares look unnatural at left- back and Saka is definitely someone who thrives more up front. No doubt that moving forward, a more solid left-back with more reliability is needed to help strengthen Arsenal at the back.

End of window update:- Nuno Tavares has come in from Benfica and should provide an understudy for Tierney.


Arsenal have the opposite issue at the other side of defence as they have too much choice in the form of Bellerin, Soares and Chambers, but no clear first choice. In seasons past, Bellerin would be a contender but his performance as of late has been lacklustre.

End of window update:- Bellerin has left on loan to Real Betis. Takehiro Tomiyasu has been brought in as replacement.


Following their 5 – 0 loss to Man City, it has been solidified that Arsenal need to make some serious changes if they are to have any impact on this season’s premier league table. These changes come in the form of strengthening some positions, specifically those at the back. Improvements are also needed on the parts of their goalkeepers, left-backs and right-backs.