Can Tottenham Convince Harry Kane to Stay This Summer?

There was a lot of talk about Harry Kane last summer, to the extent where it seemed inevitable that he was going to leave Tottenham and sign for Manchester City. However, none of that came to fruition, and Kane is still a Tottenham player today.

But of course, the talk surrounding his future hasn’t really gone away, and will no doubt ignite again in the summer, when teams are open to sign new players. Fresh off the back of a 3-2 Tottenham win at Manchester City recently, where Kane scored twice, the talk about how much City need a striker has started again.

Straight after that game, people began to talk about how many goals Kane would score if he played as the lone striker in that Manchester City team, and how he would bring others into play around him. City are on course to win the Premier League, and they are in contention to win the Champions League, and they could do that without playing a recognised striker.

That doesn’t mean they won’t go after one in the summer though, and it seems that Kane is at the top of their priority list. So, what can Tottenham do to convince him to stay?

Conte Performance and Wishlist Likely to be Key

The figure at the centre of this is likely to be new boss Antonio Conte. He is a demanding manager, who wants to improve this team, and that is both with performances on the pitch and signings off the field.

20150616 - Portugal - Italie - Genève - Antonio Conte

The top four is the aim that Conte has, can Spurs get there? All new sports betting sites UK have betting on the top four available, Spurs are around 5/2 to get inside the top four, so certainly not strongly fancied, and they have work to do.

The reason why the top four finish is so important is because of the money this brings. Conte has not been quiet in his criticism of the club and what they have done with their transfers over the past couple of seasons. He knows what he wants and will be demanding that in the summer.

As a team that like to balance the books, Spurs may not be able to afford everything that Conte wants without one of two things happening. The top four is one of them, while the second would be selling Kane. Conte will not want to lose his star striker, and neither will the fans, which is why the top four is so important.

The chance to play back in the Champions League is also going to appeal strongly to Kane, who has clearly stated that he wants to play at the best level he can, and win trophies, his two most important career points at the moment.

A top four finish, new signings, and a revived Tottenham club may well be enough to keep Kane with the team, regardless of whether Manchester City come knocking or not.