The Four Most Valuable Squads at the FIFA World Cup 2022

It’s no secret that billions and billions of dollars are poured into football each year. To see the finance available in the sport, one needs to look no further than the incredible amount Qatar has recently spent preparing their facilities to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. However, Qatar’s stadiums aren’t the only expensive thing on show in the Middle East this November, with some of the squads at this World Cup costing an astronomical amount in salaries. We look at four of the most valuable.

Spain, €1.2 Billion

Spain’s World Cup squad is valued at a whopping €1.2 billion, and yet it only comes in as the fourth most expensive team in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Driving the high cost of Spain’s side are their young midfielders Gavi and Pedri, who both attract valuations around the €150 million mark. The side has not won the World Cup since last holding it in 2010 and will be eagerly awaiting their world cup clashes, where they are expected to reach the final stages with ease. Currently, the bookmakers have the Southern European team to reach the final, where it is expected that they will face the Brazilian team. If you want to know more about your betting options you can find the best betting information at, where a wide range of operators are present and ready to deliver yet another dimension to the matches.

France, €1.33 Billion

Looking to defend their title, France have brought the third most expensive football squad to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Topping their salary charts is France’s star forward Kylian Mbappe, who has a valuation of €185 million. Last World Cup was when Mbappe really burst onto the world scene and proved himself as a genuine superstar rather than just a rising talent. Now, the Frenchman will be eager to prove he’s worth his big price tag, and lead France to a successful title defense. Overall, the French team boasts a value of €1.33 billion.

Brazil, €1.45 Billion

Coming in at second in this list of most expensive World Cup squads is the football force of nature, Brazil.

Falling just a few million short of England’s big ticket squad, Brazil’s team has an estimated value of €1.45 billion in total. The most valued man in Brazil’s squad is Real Madrid winger Vinicius Junior, who holds an estimated price tag of €201 million. Four other players are over the €100 million mark in transfer value, with Rodrygo, Eder Militao, Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli all attracting big money, while household name Neymar is down at €70 million.

England, €1.5 Billion

England take the cake as the most expensive squad contesting the FIFA World Cup in Qatar this year, with a total value of over €1.5 billion.

Leading England’s hefty bill is young midfielder Jude Bellingham, who is currently ranked the most valuable player in the World Cup by CIES. With an estimated transfer value of €202 million, Bellingham alone is worth more than the entire squads of some nations. Add to this England’s captain Harry Kane as well as Manchester United star Phil Foden, and that’s a total of €402 million added to England’s squad value across just their top three players.

Gareth Southgate will be hoping his side can live up to the popular chant, and finally bring the World Cup home this year.