Can Levy Fix Tottenham Hotspur?

As the curtain came down on another dismal day at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium on Saturday afternoon, one can only wonder where the football club goes from here. Losing a game at home against Bournemouth, a team by all accounts that are relegation fodder, is another stark reminder of Tottenham's disarray. The results are poor, the fan base has lost the connection with the team and the club, and the supporters' in-fighting can be heard inside the stadium and viewed on social media. Things at the moment are not good.

The atmosphere is toxic in the stadium now; Davidson Sanchez came on to replace Clement Lenglet, then made two errors that led to two goals (Pedro Porro was also at fault for the first of Bournemouth's goals). After this sequence of events, he was booed every time he touched the ball and again when subbed off after only spending 20 minutes on the pitch. Sanchez seemed distressed when he left the field, and although most people will agree he is surplus to requirements now at Tottenham, his treatment was very harsh and shows the disdain a large portion of the fan base has for the club now in these current times.

Currently, Tottenham Hotspur is a rudderless ship heading towards the rocks, with Daniel Levy as the mad sea captain. Keeping Stellini on after sacking Antonio Conte reeks of the kind of madness Captain Ahab displayed on the Pequod. The club needs a manager, or at least to clear out the last resemblance of the old regime to save the end of the season. Chants of Levy out and calls for Mauricio Pochettino could be heard ringing out from the south stand; the club needs direction, a plan, something to unify the supporters. At the moment, no one seems to know what to do in the board room, which has translated to performances on the football pitch.

The next managerial appointment is vital. Many supporters were adamant that the appointment of Antonio Conte in November 2022 was Levy's last chance to get it right, and the fan base's patience with the board is almost nonexistent. The current favourite for the Tottenham Job is Vincent Kompany (you can check out who else is in the running by clicking here), a fresh young new manager who has done a remarkable job with Burnley. He has transformed the way Burnley play and has managed to get them promoted to the Premier League.

Maybe a young new manager is what Tottenham need to find an identity again; the fans crave attractive football and need to see the club is heading in the right direction after falling so far from the heights of making it to the Champions League Final in 2019. Of course, there is another option; the board could do the right thing and bring Mauricio Pochettino home. The fans sing his name every week, and it would unify the fanbase again and bring some excitement back for the next season. It's your turn to move your piece on the chessboard Mr Levy; let's see if you can get out of check.