Football clubs sponsored by gambling companies

The synergy between football clubs and gambling companies has grown over time, from extensive sponsorships to marketing collaborations. In this article, we delve into the landscape of football clubs that have been sponsored by gambling sites, exploring both the benefits and concerns associated with this alliance.

The Evolving Partnership

For years, football clubs have found a reliable revenue stream through sponsorships, with gambling companies being prominent players in this field. These partnerships offer mutual benefits – clubs gain financial support, while gambling sites gain valuable exposure to a dedicated fanbase.

The increasing intertwining of football clubs and gambling sites through sponsorship has also faced growing scrutiny from various quarters. Critics argue that these partnerships can potentially exacerbate gambling-related issues and normalise betting among fans, particularly the younger demographic.

In response to these concerns, popular brands are exploring alternative avenues for their sponsorships. For instance, the well-known online casino site, PartyCasino chose an alternative route and inked a deal with the McLaren Formula One team.

Which Football Clubs Are Sponsored by Gambling Firms?

In recent years, several high-profile football clubs have formed partnerships with gambling sites, displaying their logos on the front of matchday shirts. Here are some notable examples.

Real Madrid

One of Europe's most successful football clubs, Real Madrid, has been sponsored by the Russian online casino operator Fonbet. The partnership has been profitable for both sides due to Real Madrid's massive global fan base.

AC Milan

A legendary Serie A club, AC Milan, has attracted sponsorships from various internet gaming sites. The club's popularity extends beyond Italy, particularly among Irish fans. AC Milan's partnership with HappyBet, FonBet, and Betsson showcases the global reach that these sponsorships can bring.

Manchester City

In the English Premier League, Manchester City stands out as a reigning champion both on the field and in sponsorship collaborations. The club's alliance with the sports bet operator 8XBet has led to numerous bonuses, promotions, and rewards for its fan base.


Everton's partnership with, an African casino and sports betting platform, is a testament to the diverse origins of these sponsors. As the only headliner from the continent backing a Premier League club,'s £10 million yearly deal is not something to take lightly.

West Ham United

West Ham United, another recognisable team in the Premier League, has forged a significant and sustainable partnership with the reputable sportsbook operator Betway since 2015. While not considered a title contender, the club's enduring sponsorship deal is an example of a long-lasting sponsorship of this type.

Going Forward

The partnership between football clubs and gambling sites presents both advantages and concerns. On one hand, these sponsorships offer financial support and broader exposure for clubs. On the other hand, the potential promotion of gambling among adults and the risk of addiction raise ethical questions. The recent decision by the Premier League to discontinue gambling sponsorships on the front of matchday shirts reflects the evolving nature of this relationship and the industry's commitment to responsible gambling sponsorship.

As more countries legalise and regulate online gambling, the future of these partnerships remains dynamic. Football clubs, along with governing bodies, will need to strike a balance between financial gains and social responsibility to ensure that this partnership continues to evolve in a positive direction.