New fantasy football season 2019/20

With the start of the Premier League season now just days away, it is fair to say that the anticipation is building amongst fans up and down the country and not only does that mean there will be drama on the pitch, there will be drama off of it as well. That’s because when the likes of Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero take to the field, they are not just aiming to score the goals required to a win a football match, they are also scoring a hatful of points for managers across the globe.

We are once again runnning our fantasy league over on the offical premier league site. If we get a few people playing, may look into a prize for the winner at the end of the season as well :o) The code to join the league is: l9vvwx

With every new season that passes, it means the world of Fantasy Premier League is open for business once again and just like Mauricio Pochettino is aiming to make some last minute additions to his squad, the same can be said for managers of a more digital nature. While although the managers at the top of end of the Premier League table usually have swathes of cash to spend during the transfer window, the same cannot be said for those of the fantasy variety and once again, the question is just how do you make best use of your relatively meagre budget?

£100m is all you have to spend and although that wouldn’t even get you one Antoine Griezmann in real life, thankfully the transfer fees have been scaled down to a more manageable level. However, even with that in mind, it is still an incredibly tough task to find the perfect squad equilibrium. Do you go with a top heavy approach and put the lion’s share of your budget in attack or do you believe that clean sheets and a sturdy defence is the way to go, in order to then claim the bragging rights that come with winning your private mini-league.

Villa Park from Witton Lane - Aston Villa Football Club gates

While, it’s not just where you should divide the funds, but also the personnel who are going to make up your squad of fifteen and it is here, where insight and acumen can be the difference between glory and despair. For example, Aston Villa have spent in excess of over £120million this summer and although there has been a huge influx of new faces to the West Midlands, it does make the job difficult for both Dean Smith on the opening weekend and any fantasy managers looking to find a bargain. That’s because, no-one knows who will comprise Aston Villa’s starting lineup next Saturday and therefore selecting any players from this team, could be something of a football gamble in the opening few weeks of the season.

Once starting elevens are more settled, the task of selecting players becomes slightly easier and although this will aid your quest for success come next May, there is a wide belief that FPL risk also then offers reward. Therefore, if you can find the diamond in the rough and select a player which everyone else has overlooked, it might just be the difference between a gameweek to remember or one that you simply just want to forget.

Ultimately FPL is a game where the more you put in, the more you will get back and therefore it is considered wise to do your research. The more you do, the more informed choices you can then make in terms of transfers and team selection. Failure to adhere to this principle and you will quickly see your team overtaken by your rivals but if you can ingest the myriad of stats that are widely available, then it could end up being an open top bus ride for you come the end of this upcoming fantasy season