Which mobile betting strategy is the most fun for a football match?

Super Sunday has finally come around with a host of back-to-back games that will take up the entire afternoon. This feast of football that has arrived on the sabbath promises to entertain and thrill but there is only one problem - and it isn't Graeme Souness blaming Paul Pogba for every conceivable issue in the world.

No, instead you are keen on a punt but not entirely sure what the most exhilarating betting strategy is or the best market to capitalize on. Fear not; the answer is out there and comes in the form of the in-play market.

What is the in-play market?

The in-play market is in many ways very similar to any other football betting market with the only difference being that you can punt on the action live. That’s right. All the same options are available, like who will win, number of goals, bookings etc but instead of hedging your bets before a ball has been kicked, you can now decide to go wherever the wind will take you by following the direction of the game.

The odds fluctuate in the in-play market as they are refreshed every few minutes, which makes the in-play option unique but also in many ways quite lucrative - which always equates to more fun. So let's say Manchester City are taking on Accrington Stanley in an FA Cup fixture. The odds on the League One side winning will be about the same as Greta Thunberg announcing that she is in the process of starting her own airline company, so it may prove wise to keep your powder dry and wait for the match to kick off before making a bet.

Don't just take our word for it either. Have a look a the biggest FA Cup shocks presented on theindependent.co.uk and you'll see that patience can certainly be a virtue.

The best in-play strategy

As the term in-play suggests, it's all about sussing out the early action before using your unmatched football nous to decide how this fixture will go. So if we go back to the fixture between Pep Guardiola's City and John Coleman's Stanley, should Sergio Aguero latch onto a devilish through ball from Kevin De Brunye in the first 60 seconds to score, you may be tempted to go to the goals market and back City to score over 5.5 goals on the day.

You may, on the other hand, also be tempted to throw caution to the wind after a goal in the first minute by heading to the in-play market and clicking 'yes' on both teams to score. The odds will be fabulous and even if City run riot and score eight, it only takes one Accrington Stanley goal for your punt to land. Or should we say it only takes one Claudio Bravo howler for the League One side to defy the odds and have the ball in the back of the net whilst the City lot are performing an energetic Poznan?

The advantages of the in-play market

The biggest advantage is that you can enjoy a glimpse of the action before deciding where to put your money. There will be many clues at the start of the game as to what could happen, which does add a heightened level of excitement to your punt. So many times punters go big by backing the clear favourite only for said team to begin the game lethargically and out of sorts. At this stage, you’re down the stream without a paddle as Teemu Puuki drills a cool finish past David De Gea. But with in-play, you have the benefit of observing the action before making a call.

So if you're gathered around the big screen on Super Sunday with your mates and notice that Dejan Lovren - a man who once called himself one of the best defenders in the world, as reported by skysports.com - is already kicking lumps out of the opposition strikers, then you may want to go to the bookings market and put the Croatian down for a certain yellow or red card. The noise and excitement around the living room when Mike Dean theatrically gives Lovren his marching orders will be worth it alone, despite the fact you have made a cool return on Lovren losing his cool

How to get started

Starting is very straightforward. If you have a bookie that you already use, just wait for the game to begin and then head to the in-play market. If you don’t already have a set bookie then help is at hand, as the writer of bestbettingsites.uk provides a comprehensive list of the best mobile betting apps which should help you choose and get started in no time.

You won’t look back and will enjoy the action all the more with the in-play market given how much control you have.

It's not only the added freedom of not having to guess what could happen before the players have walked out of the tunnel but also the fact that you are invited to have a look at the early punches the teams throw and then make an informed decision.

The days of surprises are behind you thanks to the in-play market. You will no longer be in danger of an uninterested Dele Alli, calamitous Phil Jones or hotheaded Scott Brown ruining your punt now that you can suss the lay of the land before going all in.