PSG to spend almost €75m for Ajax's De Ligt

The news doesn't show us only the latest football scores, it seems, as some sources suggest that Paris Saint-Germain is currently making quite some progress in their attempt to sign Ajax's Matthijs de Ligt.

Reportedly, the agent of the defender – Mino Raiola – has been in the French capital, most likely in order to discuss the bid and several other matters.

Matthijs de Ligt

All eyes on him

It looks like de Ligt, a Netherlands international, is not desired only by Paris Saint-Germain. Reportedly, a couple of other top European clubs have set their eyes on him – among these, we mention Juventus and Barcelona.

However, the Ligue 1 champions seem to be the ones that will soon have de Ligt in their hands, so to speak. Reports suggest that they are very close to agreeing on terms with the team that de Ligt currently plays for, Ajax.

Still, this transfer will not come cheap to PSG – sources suggest that Paris Saint-Germain will have to put roughly 75 million Euros on the table if they really want de Ligt.

If you've been on too much lately, looking at the football scores of today, then you might not know that Barca was quite close to getting their hands on de Ligt. It seems that they were recently making a final push for this to happen.

Still, de Ligt's agent took the opportunity to talk with PSG and proceed with the transfer.

Contract terms

Reportedly, the 19-year-old de Ligt will enjoy a five-year period, as well as a lucrative gross annual salary of 12 million Euros across the aforementioned period.

If de Ligt will accept these terms and, ultimately, the entire offer, he will become one of the highest earners of the capital's club. Neymar is still on top, with a 66 million Euro salary last season.

Sources suggest that de Ligt looks forward to this move. This is mainly because the Ajax man has been convinced that, if he accepts the transfer, he will play an important role in the rebirth of Paris Saint-Germain.

On the other hand, any commission for his agent – which we can expect to be significant -, as well as any contract bonuses are still under discussion.

The PSG trio

Even though the current sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain, Antero Henrique, met alone with Raiola, the sources mentioned the fact that the Brazilian Maxwell and the returning Leonardo still remain heavily involved and play an important role in terms of taking such decisions.

Moreover, it is well-known that Leonardo has worked with Raiola in the past, as the sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain. Thus, the fact that they recently met in Monaco in order to discuss de Ligt's transfer is no surprise.

This also emphasizes the aforementioned fact – that both Maxwell and Leonardo are heavily involved in the deal.

Not there yet

Even if rumours and sources suggest that de Ligt's will most likely join PSG, some of the sources mentioned that a total agreement for the transfer is yet to come.

Also, it is worth mentioning that, if the transfer is agreed upon, PSG will have to pay a transfer fee that will come out of their budget for the 2019-20 season. Therefore, there will be no UEFA Financial Fair Play ramifications in immediate effect.

The bottom line

While Paris Saint-Germain seems to be very close to having de Ligt on their team, we still have to take into account all of the other clubs that want the Ajax man.

Reportedly, Liverpool, Bayern, Man United, Man City, Real Madrid, and Barcelona have had or still have their eyes on de Ligt.

All we can do now is wait and see what the most sought-after player in Europe will choose for the future of his career.